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Some of Dyson's published books.My books available in 2022.

Publications are listed with the most recent on top. I tried to include everything, but please report excerpts and translations I've missed. Links either go to the work directly or its Amazon/Kindle ordering page. Thanks for your interest in my work!


August 2023, workbook, "Modeling Space Activities Book 1: Earth & Moon," TpT
Sept/Oct, 2022 story, "The Power of Apollo (16)," and fact article, "The Science Behind The Power of Apollo (16)," Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine.


November, Up in Space: we built a station children's book by me via IngramSpark & Amazon
Spring, Review of Space Mining and Manufacturing by Davide Sivolella, Ad Astra
April, Shuttle Mission Control: Flight Controller Stories and Photos, 1981-1992 by me via Amazon


No publications


July, The Eagle Has Landed. Anthology. Edited by Neil Clarke. Contains "Fly Me to the Moon."
June, Welcome to the Moon, by me with graphic art by Lindsey Cousins, Foreword by Andrew Aldrin. Published by Aldrin Family Foundation/ShareSpace Education.
June, 10 Ways the Space Program has Benefited America Article. The Ripon Forum, Volume 53, No. 3.
"The Aldrin Cycler: A forward," for The Last Dance by Martin Shoemaker.
"Europa's Survivors," translated into Chinese, printed in Science Fiction World.


Winter, article, "Chinese Planetary Exploration Plans," Ad Astra, 2018-4.
Fall, anthology, story reprint, "Pestman." Fantasy for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads. Gray Rabbit.
Nov/Dec, fact article, "In Defense of the Planet." Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine.
October, To the Moon and Back: my Apollo 11 Adventure, coauthored with Buzz Aldrin for National Geographic.
July/August, guest editorial, "Gender Parity in Space: Now and in the Future," & Q&A with Marianne Dyson. Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine.
Spring, article, "Space Business Challenges." Ad Astra magazine.


2017, anthology story reprint, "Virtually Correct." Science Fiction for the Throne: One-sitting Reads. Fantastic Books.
Fall, Review of Dream Missions by Michel van Pelt in Ad Astra.
Summer, Three feature articles, "The First Woman on the Moon" (cover story),"Give Them (Pieces of) the Moon," and "International Plans for the Moon." Ad Astra magazine.
Spring, "Terraforming Mars: Could We? Should We?" article, Ad Astra magazine.
March/April, "Europa's Survivors," SF novelette in Analog.


October 2016, Review of Go for Orbit: One of America's First Women Astronauts Finds         Her Space by Margaret Rhea Seddon for NSS.
Winter, Review of Spaceships by Ron Miller in Ad Astra magazine.
August, Review of Nefertiti the Spidernaut by Darcy Pattison for NSS.
April, Trajectories, anthology with my story, "The Breath of Mars."
February, Review of Saving Mars on NSS website.
January, Review of Blast Off Doodle Book on NSS website.


December, Touching the Face of the Cosmos, anthology with my story, "The Right of        Interference" included.
December, Review of Space Boy on NSS website.
October, "Fly Me to the Moon and other stories," collection of my science fiction via        CreateSpace or Amazon.
Fall, "A Passion for Space," book, Springer.
September, "Welcome to Mars," children's book, National Geographic.
August, Review of On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea on NSS website.
Spring, "Reducing the Risk of Long Duration Spaceflight," article, Ad Astra.
March, "Mission: Mars," book review on NSS website.
February, Skye-Object 3270A, book review on NSS website.
February, Crater book review on NSS website
Jan/Feb, "Space Bugs," science fiction story, Analog
January, "Energized," book review on NSS website.


December, "Rescue Mode," book review, NSS website.
Winter, "To Orbit and Back Again: How the Space Shuttle Flew in Space," book review, Ad Astra & NSS website.
October, "Planet Thieves," book review NSS website.


Winter, "Choosing For Science: the Farside of the Moon," and "A Bold New Mission:        Asteroid redirect with Crew Sample Return," Ad Astra.
Fall, "If Apollo Happened Today," Ad Astra.
June, The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars, Print edition (OP in 2018)
June, "Sen. Hutchison Honored at Rotary Space Gala," Bay Area Houston Magazine,        page 44.
Summer, "The Utility of the International Space Station," Ad Astra.
April 26, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement program book, RNASA
Spring, "Curiosity on Mars," Ad Astra


December, "My Weightless Flight on NASA's 'Vomit Comet,'" Kindle Edition.
December, The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars (e-anthology, OP in 2018).
Winter, "NEAS: The Solar System's Low-hanging Fruit" (article), and
           "2312" (book review), Ad Astra
September, Review of "Apollo's Outcasts" NSS Space Books.
August, Review of "A Black Hole is Not a Hole" NSS Space Books.
April 27, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement program book, RNASA
April, Review of "Meet the Planets" NSS Space Books.


December, Into the New Millennium, anthology from Analog with my story, "Fly Me             to the Moon."
December, Review of "Three Little Aliens" NSS Space Reviews.
Winter, "Locating Lunar Subways," article, Ad Astra
Fall, "Aerospace Scholars Plan Trip to Mars," NewSpace magazine (out of print).
Fall, "Visions & Voyages," & "The Moon is a Near-Earth Object,"
           (articles), Ad Astra magazine.
August, "Taking Off" (book review), NSS Space Books.
June, "In the Shadow of Ares" (book review), NSS Space Books
May/June,"The value of launch," and "Welcome Home STS-134," (blogs)
            STS Mission Blog
May, 2011 Rotary National Award for Space Achievement souvenir book, pdf.
April, "Leviathans of Jupiter" (book review), NSS Space Books
March 31, with Mary Alys Cherry. "Rotary Space Banquet plans finalized." Bay Area
            Citizen, page 8A.
February,"Following Discovery, STS-133" (blog), STS Mission Blog


December, "The Cassini Code" (book review), NSS website
Nov/Dec, STS-133 blogs,"Shuttle launch dates still uncertain," "STS-133 no
           earlier than Feb 3," "STS-133 postponed to Nov 30" STS Mission Blog
October, "Shuttle Discovery Launch," STS Mission Blog,
Fall,"The New Face of the Moon," (article), Ad Astra
July/August, “Fly Me to the Moon,” (novelette), Analog
July, “Last Shuttle Flights,” STS Mission Blog,
July, “Planet Hunter,” (book review)on NSS website (removed 2016)
April 30, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
            author (11 profiles including Bill Gerstenmaier), Minuteman Press
May 2010, “STS-132 Launch Crowd,” and “Witnesses’ Waltz Time,” STS mission blog,
April, “The Russian President’s Good Idea,” and “Historic milestone for women,” STS
            mission blog,
March, “Impact,” (book review), on
February, “STS-130 Home,” STS mission blog,


November, “Shuttle Stories,” STS mission blog,
Fall, “Ad Astra Magazine: Then and Now,” (article) Ad Astra.
September, “STS-128 Welcome Home,” and “Maintaining a Station,” STS mission
August, “STS-128 Mission Summary,” STS mission blog,
August, “You are the First Kid on Mars,” (book review), on NSS website
July, “STS-127 Week 2 Summary,” STS mission blog,
Summer, “Look to the Stars,” (book review) Ad Astra
June, “Shuttle Attempt Wed-LRO Delayed,” and “STS-127 Postponed to July,” STS
            mission blog,
May 8, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
              author (9 profiles including Michael Griffin), Minuteman Press
May, “Mission Control: This is Apollo,” (book review), on NSS website.
May, “Obama Praises Exploration,” “Endeavour Standing By,” “Hugging Hubble,”
            STS mission blog,
March, “STS-119 Welcome Home,” and “Shuttle Timeline,” “Solar Space Walks,”
            “ Sunset Launch,” and “Shuttle Night Launch,” STS mission blog,
Spring, “Planetology,” (book review) Ad Astra


November, “Shuttle Return Home,” “Thankful in Space,” “Working in Freefall,” “Moving
        Day,” “Docking with a Star,” and “STS-126: Extreme Home        Improvements,” STS mission blog,
October, “Saturn for my Birthday,” (book review), on
September, “Fixing ‘Mr. Hubble’,” STS mission blog,
June, “STS-124 Homecoming,” and “Dancing in Space,” STS mission blog,
May, “STS-124 Launch Saturday May 31,” STS mission blog,
Summer, “Back to the Future,” (article), Assignments Editor for issue, Ad Astra
April 25, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,        author (7 profiles including Gene Cernan & Neil Tyson) & designer,
Spring, “50 and Counting,” (article), Assignments Editor for issue, Ad Astra
March, “STS-124 Rescheduled,””Flying off into the sunset,” and “Japanese
           On Board,”
February, “The Way Home,” “Flight extended,” “The Extra Day,” “Spacewalk
           Delayed-Crew Sick,” and “STS-122 events,” STS mission blog,
January, “New Launch Schedule,” STS mission blog,
2008, “January Dancer,” and “Species Imperative ,” (book reviews)


December, 2007, “Shuttle Flight Delayed,” “Spacewalk Dec. 18/STS-122 Jan. 10,”
           “STS-122 Delayed to January,””Getting Ready for STS-122,” and “Shuttle Launch
           Slips to Saturday (at least),” STS mission blog,
Oct/Nov 2007 STS-120 mission blogs,
August, 2007 STS-118 mission blogs,
June 2007, Space and Astronomy: Decade by Decade, author, Facts On File
June 2007 STS-117 mission blogs,
April 2007, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
              author (6 profiles including Gene Kranz) & designer, Minuteman Press
2007, book reviews posted on
2007, book reviews posted on
2007, “Utilization of the International Space Station,” article, Space Governance.


December, 2006, STS-116 mission blogs,
November, 2006, "Martian Mice," (short story) 4 Frontiers Corp.        (later published in The Callahan Kids anthology)
August-December, 2006, book reviews posted on
September, 2006, STS-115 mission blogs,
Summer, 2006, “The Artist’s Moon,” Selenology (journal), poem
March 2006, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
              (6 profiles including Eileen Collins) author/designer, Minuteman Press


April.'s Challenging the Space Frontier - Space timeline, chapter stories         (by me, though no byline given), & teacher resources.
2005, 2 book reviews posted on Science in Kids Books (
Autumn 2005 Selenology, Vol. 24 No. 3, “Full Moon Over Mauna Kea,” article and photo
June 2005, Saffron Rice Recipe in Authors in the Kitchen by Sharron McElmeel,
             Libraries Unlimited April 2005, “Zeus’s Eagle” and “The Right Path” in anthology Eat My Martian Dust, Baker
April 2005, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
             (7 profiles including Glynn Lunney) & author/designer, Minuteman Press


2004, Afterword, To Touch the Stars CD, Prometheus Music
2004, 2 book reviews posted on Science in Kids Books
2004, series reviewer for 5 space titles, Enslow
July 2004, Space Explorer’s Guide to Stars and Galaxies, author, Scholastic
April 2004, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
             (7 profiles including Neil Armstrong) author/designer, Minuteman Press
2004, “Impact Breccia” (recipe), Cookin’ ‘N Bookin’ Texas Style (Texas State Reading
            Association) Tara Henderson Forrest.
January 15, 2004, “School Roof Leaks Worth It,” (letter to editor) Houston Chronicle


2003, 8 book reviews posted on Science in Kids Books
September, 2003, “Wing Damage Caused Space Shuttle Break-up,” (article) Odyssey
May 2003, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Program Book,
             (8 profiles including Roy Estess) & author/designer, Minuteman Press
May 2003, “Mars Crossword,” (puzzle) Odyssey magazine
April 2003, Home on the Moon, National Geographic Society
2003, WriteSpace 2003 newsletter
2003, “Marianne Dyson,” (profile) Women of Space, Laura Woodmansee, Apogee                Books


October 2002, Best of Girls to the Rescue anthology, “On the Way to Broken Bow” (reprint) Meadowbrook Press
January, 2002, Stars and Planets, Technical reviewer, National Geographic
2002, Countdown to Space series, series advisor for 5 titles, Enslow
2002 “The Cosmic Writer,” On Track Magazine, interview of me
2002, WriteSpace 2002 newsletter


Nov/Dec, “Spacesuits, Firefighters, and Helping Heroes,” (article), Ad Astra
July, "What Blocks Radio Waves?" (activity reprint) Spider magazine
March 28, 2001, "Robotics team forging skills" (article) The Citizen newspaper
April 21, 2001 (rebroadcast June 23), C-SPAN2/BookTV showing of presentation on        Space Station Science to Kennard Elementary in Centreville, MD.
January, "Sailing the Ocean of Space" (article), Odyssey
2001, Countdown to Space series, Series Advisor for 7 titles, Enslow
2001, WriteSpace 2001 newsletter


November, Girls to the Rescue anthology cover story, “On the Way to Broken Bow"        (adventure fiction) Meadowbrook Press
September/October, "Launching a Political Platform," (article), Ad Astra
July/August, "Fictional Space Vs. The Real World," (article), Analog
May/June, "An Ordinary Poem," State of the Arts at Clear Lake magazine
March, "The Sweet Taste of Success," (article), Odyssey
Spring 2000, Homework Help on the Internet, (nonfiction) author, Scholastic
Spring 2000, “The Dozen Who Walked” (article reprint), Artemis Magazine premier issue
January, "Meet the Expedition One Crew," (article) Odyssey. Chose photos for issue
January, "Campaign 2000: Goal for NASA Resolution," (article) Odyssey newsletter         produced by OASIS chapter of NSS
2000, Best of the Children's Market collection, “What Being Grounded Really Means”
            (reprint activity with author comments), Children’s Institute of Literature
TBS (sold but not sure if printed), “Sleeping Bears,” (YA fiction), Breakaway magazine


November, “Science Forum on the New Millennium” (nonfiction) Science Fiction Age
Fall 1999, “Fishing For Some Answers,” (article reprint) Montgomery County Public
           Schools 4th Grade Reader
October, Space Station Science, (children’s nonfiction book) author, Scholastic
September/October, “Students Roller Coaster into Space” (article), Ad Astra
September, “Have a Heart” (article), Odyssey
1999, Voluntary National Test in 4th Grade Reading, “Fishing for Some Answers” (article
            reprint), Riverside Publishing
June, “The Unicorn's Grove” (poem), State of the Arts at Clear Lake
May, Proceedings of the 18th annual International Space Development Conference,        “Student Flight Opportunities Program” (technical paper), National Space Society
May, “Will the International Space Station help or hinder humanity’s future in        space?”(science forum with Geoffrey Landis and Jim Oberg), Science Fiction Age
April, “The Dozen Who Walked” (article), “A Nose for the Moon” (activity), Odyssey
February, NASA archive photo researcher for new version of A Man on the Moon by        Andrew Chaikin, published by Time Life Books in July
February, “A Solution to the Orbital Debris Problem” (science fiction), Analog
February 1999, “Just Another Day of Another Year” (poem), BAWL Point Pen
February 1999, “The Inheritance of a Woman” (poem), and “For My Friend During an        Uncertain Time” (poem), State of the Arts at Clear Lake
1999, Children’s Writer Guide to 1999, quoted extensively in “Writers’ Ideas About         Ideas”


Dec 1998, “International Space Station: Assembly Required” (article), Compressed Air
Oct/Nov 1998, “Training for the Final Frontier” (article), Compressed Air
Oct/Nov 1998, Challenging the Space Frontier: Friendship 7: John Glenn Orbits the
            Earth (8 chapters), Apollo 11 (7 chapters), STS-7 (6 chapters), Space Firsts
            (timeline), Scholastic Network (online)
September/October 1998, “Politics For The Future” (article), Ad Astra magazine
Editor of the August, September/October, and November/December 1998 issues of
            Countdown, the newsletter of the Civilian Astronaut Corps
April/May, 1998, "Wings of Hope" (article), & "Carl Stewart White: Profile," (& photos)
           U*S* Kids
March 10, 1998, "After You Vote: Finish Your Obligation" (editorial), Houston Chronicle
March 1998, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Program Book
            (text and layout) San Jacinto Graphics
March 1998, “What Being Grounded Really Means: An activity to Build an            Electroscope,” Odyssey
March 1998, "Fishing for Some Answers" (article), "Is Your Fish Ready for
            Space?" (activity), charter issue, AppleSeeds magazine


September 29, 1997, “Earth to Saturn!” (cover story) Scholastic News Ed. 5/6
September 29, 1997, “Solving the Mystery of Mars,” (cover story) Scholastic News Ed. 3
August, 1997, Universe, (children’s book translation), Expert Reader,Scholastic/        Gallimard
April 1997, “Where is the Big Dipper?” (activity), Odyssey
March 1997, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Program Book
            (text and layout) San Jacinto Graphics
February 1997, “Fishing for the Right Stuff,” and “Wheat, Bubbles, and Muscles:
            Science in Space is Fun!” and “An Apple for the Scientists,” (activity), Odyssey
February 1997, “A New Age of Discovery,” (Compressed Air article) reprint rights, COTF
            (Classroom of the Future)


December 1996, “A New Age of Discovery,” (cover story) Compressed Air
November/December 1996, “News Flash: Martian Landing,” SuperScience Blue
October 1996, “The X Prize,” Odyssey
September 13, 1996, “It Came From Mars,” (cover story) Scholastic News
TBS, “Thoughts on Science Fiction Poetry,” Mindsparks
July/August 1996, “Making Space in the Party Platform,” Ad Astra
Summer, 1996, Editor of The Mindsparks Science Fiction Poetry Anthology
May 1996, “The MISR-ly Way to Mars,” (article), and “The Martian Fetch Game,”
            (activity), and “To Mars, Young Man! An Interview with Robert Zubrin,” Odyssey
May, 1996, “Report on Space Resolutions for the 1996 Republican Party Platform,” The
            North Texas Spacecraft newsletter
March/April 1992 to April/May 1996, Editor, “Spacecause News” (space lobbying group
            newsletter, circulation about 4,000)
April 1996, “Iron Out That Greenhouse,” (experiment) Odyssey
Spring, 1996, “The Last Reststop for 30 Parsecs,” (poem) Aboriginal SF
March 1996, “The Shape of Things to Come,” (science fiction), Analog (reprinted in Fly Me to the Moon & other stories)
February 1996, The Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Program Book
            (text and layout) San Jacinto Graphics
January 1996, “NASA Takes a Fresh Look at Space Solar Power,” (reprint)
            Space Business Notes


December 1995, “Poetry in Space,” cover story (interview Story Musgrave) Child Life
December 1995, “A Grassroots Campaign for Spacecause,” (NF) Spaceviews
            online newsletter of the National Space Society
December 1995, “Take the Space Challenge,” (NF) “Moving into Space,” (activity), &
            “Docking Maneuver,” (activity) Odyssey
November/December 1995, “Where Have All the Moon Rocks Gone?” (NF) Kids Universe
November 1995, “The Battle of Olympus Mons” and “Mars at Perihelion,” (poems)
            Intermix SF/Fantasy Online
September/October 1995, “NASA Takes a Fresh Look at Space Solar
            Power,” and “It’s Space Stupid,” (NF and reprint) Spacecause News
August 1995, “Waterworld” and “Apollo 13,” (reviews) Intermix SF/Fantasy Online
August 1995, “Spaceweek kindles children’s interest,” Houston Chronicle
July/August 1995, “It’s Space Stupid,” (editorial) Ad Astra
June 1995 “Statistics for Success - or Failure,” SFWA Forum
May 1995, "Virtually Correct,"(science fiction) Analog (reprinted in Fly Me to the Moon        and other stories
May 1995, “Galactic Science Project,” (experiment) and “The View from Inside,” (NF)             Odyssey
May 1995, “NASA’s 1996 Budget Request,” (NF) Spacecause News
Spring 1995, letter to the editor, SFWA Bulletin
March 1995, “Modern Heroes,” (poem) Mediphors
February 1995, “Panic Flight,” (fiction) Breakaway magazine
February 1995, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Program Book
            (text and layout) San Jacinto Graphics
February 1995, “The Spaceguard Survey,” (interview Eugene Shoemaker) Odyssey
January/February 1995, review of “Here There Be Unicorns,” Starline
January 1995, “The Black Horizon,” (science activity) Odyssey


September 1994, “Keep Your Eyes on the Stars,” (interview Bruce Coville) Odyssey
September/October 1994, photo, Orbiter magazine
July/August 1994, letter to the editor, Starline
June, 1994, “Delta Clipper,” (poem) & Biolog in Analog
May/June 1994, “Concrete Lunar Plans,” ( article) & “It’s a Calling,”
            (interview Story Musgrave), Ad Astra
May 1994, “Cetus the Sea Monster,” (poem) Dolphin Log
May 1994, “First Artist on the Moon,” (interview and photo of Alan Bean) Odyssey
May 1994, “Finally, space travel the way God (and Robert Heinlein) intended it to be,”             Science Fiction Age
April/May 1994, “Therefore Be It Resolved,” Spacecause News
April 1994, “Latest Salvo of the Space Debate,” editorial in Space News
April 1994, “Delta Clipper - Your Ticket to Space,” (article)
            & “Making the Grade to Orbit,” (science activity), Odyssey
March/April 1994, review of “The Others Among Us,” Starline
March 1994, “Station Supporter,” letter in Space News
February/March 1994, “NSS in Action: Spaceweek Event Focused on Kids & Science,”
            Inside NSS
1994, reprint of “Blind Date” in Rhysling Anthology


December 1993, letter, SFWA Forum
November/December 1993, “Talking Heads, the Science Behind Tinker’s Spectacles,”             (interview Greg Bennett), Mindsparks
October 1993, letter to the editor, Mindsparks SF
October 1993, review of “One Squared,” Promises Pro-mss
September/October 1993, “Spaceweek in Texas,” (article and photo) Ad Astra
September 1993, “Public spaceflight may be closer than you think,” The Citizen newspaper
June/July 1993, “Space Activism...,” Spacecause News
Spring 1993, “Roundtable on Agents,” The SFWA Bulletin
April 1993, “The Fashion of Physics,” (poem) Analog
March 1993, “Roll Over Picasso,” (poem) Cappers newspaper
February/March 1993, “NASA Life Sciences...,” (interview Carolyn Huntoon) and “Time
            for a Commitment,” Spacecause News
1993, "The Pest Man," (science fiction) Vision SF (reprinted in Fly Me to the Moon        and other stories)
January/February 1993, “Blind Date,” (poem) Starline
1993, reprint of “Garbage Pirates,” Poet’s Market, p. 112


November/December 1992, “Houston Rallies for Space,” Ad Astra
October 1992, “Project seeks to keep Mars dream alive,” (and photo) Houston
            Chronicle This Week
Fall 1992, “The Poet’s New Mind,” (poem) Aboriginal SF
Summer-Winter 1992, “Reduction of the Poetry State Vector,” (poem) Magazine of             Speculative Poetry
Summer 1992, letter to the editor, Aboriginal SF
July/August 1992, “NASA Flight Director,” (interview) Child Life
February 1992, "The Critical Factor," (science fiction) Analog (reprinted in Fly Me to the        Moon & other stories


1991, “In the Beginning,” reprinted in Physical Science Volume, SIRS, article #52
1991, Starfleet II Battlecruiser Operating Manual, Intersel Inc. published in part as Star             Legions in 1993.
December 1991, “Columbus Setting Sail Once Again,” Ad Astra
July/August 1991, "Eugene Kranz," (biographical sketch), Ad Astra
Spring 1991, "Hiten," "Viking 2," (two poems) Star*Line
March/April 1991, "In the Beginning ...," (STS-1), Ad Astra
February 1991, "The Cat's Opinion," (poem) Analog
January 1991, "A Family Tradition," (poem) Pockets
January 1991, LS-70041, Ground Data Systems Definition Study For Space Station
            Freedom - Era Operations, NASA-JSC Life Sciences Project Division,
            Spaceflight Integration and Operations, Inc., co-author


Volume 13, #6, 1990, "The Arctic Moon," "Second Contact," "Sagittarius A," (Three
            Poems), Starline
Winter 1990, "Patches," (poem) The Morris Report
November 1990, "Garbage Pirates," (rhymed story) Dolphin Log
Fall 1990, "Casa Grande Ruins," (poem) The Gopherwood Review
September 1990, "Butterflies in Orbit," (YA science fiction) Child Life
August 1990,"Fireworks in Orbit," (science fiction) Analog (reprinted in Fly Me to the        Moon and other stories)
July 1990-June 1991, articles & editorials, editor of The Colonist
June 1990, "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Help the Space Movement," Ad Astra
January 1990, "What's the Right Stuff Now?" The Times newspaper
January 1990, "Profile of an Astronaut," Ad Astra
1990 Anthology of Winners, National Federation of State Poetry Societies, "The
            Environmentalist" (poem)


November 1989, "If I Can't Go," (poem) Spacelines
November 1989, "Candidates' positions on U.S. space program," The Times newspaper
September 1989, "Stamp and Sticker Saver," Highlights for Children
May 31, 1989, "Nature Center gets woodland property from Mares family," Houston
            Chronicle newspaper
May 1989, "Columbus-The First Step," Ad Astra
May 18, 1989, AIAA 14th Annual Technical Symposium, Session 6: Space Station             Considerations, "Europe's Columbus Space Station Program," author.
February 1989, LS-70035, JSC-32090 Requirements Definition Study for a Discipline             Operations Center for Human Life Sciences Experiments, NASA Office of Space             Science and Applications, co-author
January 1989, "Terlingua Ranch, Texas," (article and photo) Pipers


September 1988, "Discovery's Black Box has mission of its own," The Times newspaper
August, 1988, "Spinoffs, not Tradeoffs," letter to Aviation Week
April 1988, "Raisin in the Bathtub," (poem) Redbook
January 1988, Secondary Payload Data Base, CDRL 009A2-001H, RSOC/STIC/INCO
            Technology, Inc. (for Air Force under contract to INCO, Technology Inc.), author
January 1988, OASIS Console Handbook, for Air Force under contract to INCO,
            Technology Inc., author


December 1987, "What Color is Your Spacecraft?" Spaceworld
July 1987, "Free pajamas with purchase of trashcan?" (humor) The Citizen newspaper
May 4, 1987, Columbus Pressurized Module Payload Utilization Study, Payload
            Operations in Case of Failure (WP 2213), HEI-0587/1050, for Aeritalia Societa
            Aerospaziale Italiana, co-author.
March 27, 1987, Columbus Pressurized Module Payload Utilization Study, Non-
            European Payloads for the PM-4 (WP2113), HEI-0387/1046, for Aeritalia Societa
            Aerospaziale Italiana, co-author.

Prior 1986

August 30, 1985, Columbus Flight Crew Functions and Complement, Hernandez
            Engineering, GmbH for ESA/ESOC subcontract to Vega Space Systems, author
April 24, 1985, Draft Biorack Ground Operations Plan, HEI, Section 3 author

December 1984, Crew Complement and Training Assessment, European Space Station
            Missions, for DFVLR under HEI contract, co-author
1984, Preliminary Spacelab Life Sciences-1 Crew Activity Plan, NASA book manager
1984, Payload Integration Plan Annex 2, Flight Activity Planning, Spacelab Life
            Sciences (SLS-1), NASA book manager

1983, Flight Activity Officer Console Handbook, NASA book manager
1982-83, STS-14 Preliminary Crew Activity Plan, NASA book manager
1982, Payload Integration Plan Annex 2, Flight Activity Planning, Electrophoresis
            Verification Test, NASA book manager
1982, Post Insertion, NASA book manager, STS-3
1979-82, NASA sub-book manager, STS-1, 3, 4, 5 Crew Activity Plans
1979-82, NASA sub-book manager, STS-1, 2, 3 Deorbit Preparations Procedures,
            Volumes 1, Launch Day Deorbits, Backup Flight System Notes, and Volume 2;
            Loss of Flash Evaporator System, Loss of Two Freon Loops
1979-82, NASA sub-book manager, STS-1,2,3 Entry Checklist, Loss of FES section
1979-81, Crew Activity Planning System Users Guide, NASA co-author
1978, Payload Planning Data Base Users Guide for NASA-JSC, Computer Sciences
            Corporation, author

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