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Animated Moon Map

Where is the Ocean of Storms? How big is the crater Tycho? Fly over features, learn lunar geography, and test your knowledge with puzzles by award-winning author Marianne Dyson. Find the oldest crater in the Solar System on the Far Side map!

  1. Fly the lunar lander using your cursor. The mare (seas) are green. Craters are outlined in orange. Mountain ranges are red. A click brings up a text box with data about the features. Use a far right click to Zoom in on any feature. Use the Apollo "N" to remember the location of the first six landings on the Moon.
  2. Test your lunar geography skills! How long does it take you to find 18 "water" features and 31 craters on the Near Side of the Moon? How about 8 Near Side mountain ranges? Look for 5 water features, 2 mountain ranges, and 32 craters on the Far Side. Find them all and improve your time with practice. Which ones did you miss? Check the list: Lunar Features Table
  3. Near Side Moon Crossword Puzzle. Download and print out a copy using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from This puzzle is copyrighted and may only be printed for personal use. Please send e-mail to Marianne for permission to print multiple copies for classroom use. Download Moon Puzzle
  4. Use the animated Moon map to solve the puzzle, then check your answers: Moon Crossword Solution
  5. Imagine what it would be like to live on the Moon! Read the short story "The Right Path" (see Book Orders) and Home on the Moon, and write YOUR lunar story.
  6. Photograph or sketch the full Moon and label the major features using the Animated Moon Map above. Can you find the six Apollo landing sites? Click on the underlined letter "N."

Animation by Tom Dyson based on The Consolidated Lunar Atlas created by Eric J. Douglass (from a collection of the best photographic images of the moon by Gerald P. Kuiper, Ewen A. Whitaker, Robert G. Strom, John W. Fountain, and Stephen M. Larson). Text and page design by Marianne Dyson, copyright 2004-16.

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