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Please find information about my nonfiction books under the "Books" tab. Below is a list of some of my short nonfiction other than book reviews which are listed on my Bibliography page. The most recent publications are at the top. Contact me for reprints or if you can't find a copy and need one for research purposes. Information about my short fiction is under the "Writing/Fiction" tab.
Work/Title Publisher Comments Type/Date of Issue Contacts/Copies
"Reducing the Risk of Long Duration Spaceflight" How Scott Kelly's year-long will reduce the risks of going to Mars. Spring 2015 Spring 2015 Ad Astra
"Choosing For Science: the Farside of the Moon" Why scientists consider the Far Side the highest priority. Winter 2013 Ad Astra Winter 2013
"A Bold New Mission: Asteroid Redirect with Crew Sample Return" Ad Astra magazine Winter 2013 Ad Astra Winter 2013
"If Apollo Happened Today" MIT students look at using today's hardware to fly an Apollo mission. Fall 2013 Ad Astra Winter Fall 2013
"The Utility of the International Space Station" What are the astronauts doing up there? How will people on Earth benefit? Summer 2013 Ad Astra Summer 2013
"Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Souvenir Program Book" RNASA Foundation April 26, 2013 RNASA Program Books
"Curiosity on Mars" Ad Astra magazine Spring 2013 Ad Astra Spring 2013
"My Weightless Flight on NASA's Vomit Comet" What is it REALLY like to be weightless? This collection of 3 articles answers this question in detail. Reprint from 2000 Analog Kindle Edition
"NEAs: the Solar System's Low-Hanging Fruit" Ad Astra magazine Winter 2012 Ad Astra Fall 2012
"Aerospace Scholars Plan Trips to Mars" New Space magazine Fall 2011 New Space Magazine (sadly op)
"Visions & Voyages: Planetary Science Priorities for 2013-2022" and "The Moon is a Near Earth Object" Ad Astra magazine Fall 2011 Ad Astra Fall 2011
Mission Blogs National Space Society July 2005 to present NSS Mission Blogs
"The New Face of the Moon" (article) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society Fall 2010 Ad Astra Fall 2010
"Look to the Stars" (book review) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society Summer 2009 Ad Astra Summer 2009
"Planetology" (book review) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society Spring 2009 Ad Astra Spring 2009
Appearance on The Space Show I was a guest on The Space Show with David Livingston speaking on the topic of "Fire in Mission Control: Stories from the Shuttle Flight Test Program." The show was recorded November 11, 2008. The podcast is available online for free:
Writing With and Without An Agent I was a guest on the Institute of Children's Literature (ICL) Writers Retreat site, discussing nonfiction sales with and without an agent. Blogs were originally posted November 11-13, 2008. The questions & answers are posted on the Writers' Retreat Web site. For more information, contact Jan Fields at
Back to the Moon (I edited this issue & wrote two features) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society Summer 2008 Ad Astra Summer 2008
Space-Based Solar Power (I edited this issue & wrote one feature) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society Spring 2008 Ad Astra Spring 2008
Picturing the Write Stuff Regular Nonfiction Column SCBWI-Houston Chapter NewsletterThe January/February 2005 column is "Congratulations, You Just Won..." about writing a press release. Newsletters are now FREE online. See the SCBWI-Houston web page.
My recipe for a Moon rock Recipes from Texas authors in this book, Cookin' 'N Bookin' Texas Style by Tara Henderson Forrest. Proceeds benefit the Texas State Reading Association. 2004 Order from Amazon:
"Spacesuits, Firefighters, and Helping Hands" (article) Ad Astra magazine, National Space Society November-December 2001 Read article
Videotape of Space Station Presentation As broadcast on C-SPAN2/BookTV April 21, and June 23, 2001. C-SPAN2 taped and broadcast my presentation to Kennard Elementary School (Centreville, MD). Order videotapes by calling 877-ON-CSPAN, or through their website:
Articles, activities, news items Odyssey magazine From 1994 to present. (I was a frequent contributor.) Available via libraries or by subscription: Odyssey
The Write Space Newsletter Originally posted on Issues from 2003. 2003 topics: How long should a middle-grade and YA book be? What made the shuttle blow up? Why put aluminum foil on the end of antennas? Being a writer & consultant; The Myth of the Rich Author; Last minute editing. Read 2003 back issues.
The Write Space Newsletter Originally posted on Issues from 2002. 2002 topics: What is the space station crew size? What is work-for-hire? Have your books been based on your experiences? Bald Cats and Writing (workshop experience); How Long it Takes to Write a Book; The "but-ended" Compliment (critique groups). Read 2002 back issues.
The Write Space Newsletter Originally posted on 2001 back issues. 2001 topics: Tips on what to write about; What to put in a cover letter; Information about space camps for hearing-impaired children; Why don't they use magnets to dock the shuttle to the space station? When were you first interested in space? Will NASA build space stations on planets? Writing an obituary; Outlining; The Making of a Moon Rock (creating a recipe); Noting STS-1 (recording history); Technical reviewing; Signing up for a series. Read 2001 back issues.
Article/Fiction Versus the Real World Analog Science Fiction Magazine Electronic Reprint Rights Available July/Aug. 2000 About my experience on NASA's Vomit Comet. Audio tape (#004) discussing flight at May '99 ISDC available via Sound on Tape. More about Student Flight Opportunities is available at: Texas Space Grant Consortium.
Activity Reprint/What Being Grounded Really Means Best of the Children's Market - a collection of over 80 articles and stories published by leading children's magazines. Published by the Children's Institute for Literature - a group I took a class from when I was just getting started. Pub date: 2000. The activity - to build an electroscope - is reprinted from Odyssey, March 1998, with the addition of my author comments. The book can be ordered by calling 1-800-243-9645.
4th grade reader/Space Fish Montgomery Co. Schools (MD) Fall 1999 This article about fish in space was reprinted from Appleseeds magazine.
Article/Mars Polar Lander Scholastic News - 3rd grade edition November 1999 It may be available via Scholastic.
Online/Challenging the Space Frontier Published by Scholastic Online Challenging the Space Frontier October 1998 No byline given, but I did the stories on John Glenn, Apollo 11, Sally Ride, and the Space Firsts Timeline.

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