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Nature & Flower Photos

Each year, I create a calendar using photos of flowers that I've come across during our travels or at home in Houston during the previous year. I hope you enjoy them! All photos are copyrighted by Marianne Dyson, and may not be copied to other websites or used in printed or electronic publications without written permission. High resolution (300 dpi) versions are available for publication. Prices range from free (with byline credit) to "real" money, depending on use.

Contact me for reprint permission.

Photos from author visits are in my Appearances Gallery. Photos from the JSC Memorial after the Columbia accident are on the Columbia Quotes page.

Photos by Calendar Years

School/Library visit & appearance photos are in the Appearances Gallery.


Cover and October flower for 2016 calendar. Photo taken in Tucson, AZ. (Photo © 2015, Marianne Dyson)

Cover and December flower for 2015 calendar. Photo from my garden in Houston. (Photo © 2014, Marianne Dyson)

Cover and July flower for 2014 calendar. Photo taken in Wellington, NZ. (Photo © 2013, Marianne Dyson)

Cover and March flower for 2013 calendar. Ohio Pansies. (Photo © 2012, Marianne Dyson)

2012 Cover & July flower, After-the-Flood Flower, taken in Canton, Ohio, July, 2011. See high resolution copy. (Photo © 2011, Marianne Dyson)

Cover & December flower of 2011 Calendar. Photo taken by me at Tsi Chi Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, June, 2010. See high resolution copy. (Photo © 2010, Marianne Dyson)

Cover of 2010 Calendar. Photo taken by me of water lily taken at Montreal Botanical Gardens, August 2009. See high resolution copy. (Photo © 2010, Marianne Dyson)

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