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Fly Me to the Moon and Other Stories

Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me to the Moon is a collection of my previously published science fiction stories for adult readers. It opens with my first published story, Fireworks in Orbit.

Fireworks in Orbit--about a space shuttle crew's struggle to survive an explosion. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, August 1991.

The Critical Factor--features a clone facing the end of the universe. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, February 1992.

The Pest Man--is flash fiction for Halloween. First published in Vision Science Fiction magazine, 1993. Reprinted in Fantasy for the Throne, 2018.

Virtually Correct-- focuses on racial profiling. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, May 1995. Reprinted in Science Fiction for the Throne, 2017.

The Shape of Things to Come--shows how cuteness favors survival. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, March 1996.

Solution to the Orbital Debris Problem--results from misinterpretations. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, February 1999.

Fly Me to the Moon--has a young man help an Alzheimer's patient save a woman stranded on the Moon. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, July/August 2010, and reprinted in the anthology, Into the New Millennium: Trailblazing Tales From Analog Science Fiction and Fact, 2000-2010, published by Dell Magazines, 2011. Also reprinted in The Eagle Has Landed anthology, 2019.

Space Bugs--uses microbes to get NASA funding. First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, January/February 2015.

Europa's Survivors--a terminal cancer patient fills her final days with meaningful research.

In eBook only: The Artist's Moon--Written as a thank you to Apollo 12 Astronaut/Artist Alan Bean after an interview for an Odyssey magazine article published in May 1994. Published in Dyson's Space Poems.


Read Locus magazine reviewer Lois Tilton called Fly Me to the Moon "personal and moving."

First rate collection of short stories! ***** WOW! This is a first rate collection of stories, every one suffused with sly wit and reflections backed with clearly personal knowledge of the workings of getting us into space. I had a little trouble with a couple stories, but only because they challenged my poor brain to wrap around the unexpected. My only complaint is that there weren't enough of them--I was dismayed when I turned the last page! --Gail B. Leatherwood, December 25, 2016, Amazon verified purchase

Enjoyed every story! ***** Well written short stories, with strong character development, are difficult to write. Coupled with strong science, they are even rarer. This book was a real treat to read. --DBP, 5 stars April 1, 2018, Amazonverified purchase

Creative and clever ***** Satisfying stories looking at space from a variety of angles. Really fun to read. The author's first hand knowledge is clear. --J. Louis/Kindle Customer, February 21, 2018

Great short stories ***** Great short stories. My favorite is Europa Survivors. Hopefully someday someone will find cure and make this one come true. --Victoria, 5 stars January 30, 2018, Amazon verified purchase

Good short story on the Space Program **** I liked this short and I am not a fan of shorts stories in general. The Apollo terminology was quite well. done. A good short read. --Robert, September 3, 2013, Amazon verified purchase

Good Space Stories! ***** Good science fiction stories. Some reminded me of Robert Heinlein's space stories written in the late 1940s, updated to the current state of the science. "Fly Me To The Moon," in particular, is a good read for anyone interested in the Moon or the space program. It reminded me of the moon stories by Heinlein and Clarke I used to read. It has even more heart than most of those, as the main character is an old astronaut with Alzheimer's Disease, who's skill is needed to aid a lunar rescue mission. --R. Christenson/Lunamation, September 2, 2013, Amazon verified purchase


This anthology, edited by Dave Creek, includes my story, "The Breath of Mars," that is not published elsewhere! The book also has stories by Mary A. Turzillo, Arlan Andrews, Sr., Maya Kaathryn Bohrhoff, Martin L. Shoemaker, Brad R. Torgersen, Bud Sparhawk, Jay Werkheiser, and John F. Allen that are perfect for your "travel" reading.

Touching the Face of the Cosmos

This anthology, edited by Paul Levinson, includes my story "The Right of Interference" that is not published elsewhere. The story explores what happens to the "prime directive" if there is a Prime Director. A familiarity with Christianity may be required to appreciate the humor in this story!

Science Fiction Versus the Real Thing

What is it REALLY like to be weightless? This collection of three feature articles reprinted from Ad Astra and Analog Science Fiction answer this question in detail. I personally experienced hypoxia in a hyperbaric chamber at NASA's Johnson Space Center; and 40 trials of freefall and 2 gs, plus one each of lunar and Martian gravity via NASA's "Vomit Comet." Includes more than 30 color photos.

Dyson's Space Poems

Not available in print form! This is a collection of my poems about spacecraft, aliens, and physics, previously published in Analog, Aboriginal, Starline, and Mindsparks science fiction magazines from 1992 to 2000, plus a sonnet created by Science Fiction Poetry Association members on GEnie in 1993.

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